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Streamer Coffee
Nakameguro, Tokyo

What is the Odigo Local Business Initiative?

Odigo is proud to boast a collection of over 9,000 individual business pages througout its website. Many of these businesses do not appear anywhere else on the internet. Our listings aren't in just the big cities either, from Northern Hokkaido, to the islands of Okinawa, we at Odigo are striving to promote tourism across the whole nation of Japan.

The Local Business Initiative allows businesses take control of their business's page in order to get the full benefits that having a listing on Odigo offers, please read on for more information.

How does it work?

Whether you are currently listed on the Odigo website or not (please use the search function above to find out!), if you are a store or attraction owner in Japan, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us. From there, we can provide login details to allow you to take control of your listing(s) and to intially create you to initially create one (if required).


Take control of your page


Basic Information

Manage your page's title, main image, description, phone numbers, website link, address and opening times to ensure your audience has the most up to date information.





Take full control of your page's gallery to ensure that your audience sees the photos that best express your company's identity.








Features / Advertisments

Do you have a new store opening soon? Maybe a new item on the menu or a promotion that you want to let your audience know about? Create and manage 'features' and make the most our of your page's potential.






User Comments

Get notified when user comments are made on your page and review them before making them public.



How much does it cost?

On our basic plan, obtaining an account to start managing your business on Odigo is completely free. With this plan, you can control page elements such as your:

  • Main image
  • Introductory description
  • Phone number
  • Website's URL
  • Opening hours

We also offer a premium plan, which is priced at ¥5,000 per month, this provides businesses you with all of the elements that the basic plan does, but also:

  • the functionality to create 'features' to promote any aspect of your brand
  • full management of your gallery
  • real time information regarding daily, weekly and monthly visits to your page
  • the functionality to review any comments left by users
  • a guaranteed full day promotion on the Odigo homepage

We are confident that our Business Management System is so easy to use, that anyone can create effective features in a matter of minutes.

Basic Plan


Purchase Plan

For basic control of your business's pages on

With this option you can control your basic content to ensure that your audience see the correct inormation.

Premium Plan

Per month

Purchase Plan

Provides advanced control of your business's pages on

With this option you can control your basic content, but also engage with your users and promote all aspects of your business.

Why join the Odigo Local Business Initiative?

With over 250,000 Facebook followers and 3 million page views a month, Odigo is one of the largest online platforms promoting Japanese tourism for both English and Chinese speaking audiences.

The Odigo Local Business Initiative provides business owners with the tools necessary to take control of their company's content featured the Odigo website. As well as influencing the promotion of their business, owners can gain insights regarding the analytical breakdown of the audience that their page attracts.

By having the ability to manage their business accordingly, companies can effectively market themselves to the unique audience which Odigo provides.

  • > 3,000,000

    Page views per month.

  • > 250,000

    Facebook Likes



All companies using the Odigo Local Business Initiative will receive a sticker that we would love for you to place within your place of business. Our stickers are extremely durable in outdoor conditions and having one will make you an eligable location in our future Odiogo Treasure Hunts!

Ready to get started?