Corporate Profile

Name Redhorse Global Co.,Ltd.
Established August 2013 (as Respond Media KK)
Board Members Takamasa Kawasaki (Representative Director)
Christopher Okano (Representative Director)
Yasuhiro Yuasa (Director)
Capital ¥478,660,000
Employees 10 (Japanese、Taiwanese、British、American, Polish, Chinese)
Address 2-10-13 Aobadai Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042 Japan
TEL/FAX 03-3520-8903 / 03-3520-8904
Affiliation JNTO member
Society of Writers, Translators and Editors
JATA member
NO.2-7414 TRAVEL AGENCY LICENSE registered by Governor of Tokyo

Odigo is a travel website and planning platform aimed at foreign visitors to the country. Founded in 2013, Odigo’s original members include not only founder Takamasa Kawasaki, but also a diverse team of members from Japanese, American, British, Polish, Chinese and Taiwanese backgrounds. Odigo helps travelers plan and share their trips in and around Japan using locally sourced information, curated by a passionate, international community.

Aug. 2013 Founded Respond Media KK
Aug. 2014 Changed name to Odigo Japan KK
Nov. 2014 Limited launch of information website and planner for foreign tourists to Japan
Feb. 2015 Formal launch of
Jun. 2015 Limited release of Odigo iPhone App English-language version
Dec. 2015 Limited launch “Ri you bao”(Simplify Chinese), “Ri ben ai wan ke”(Traditional Chinese) China travel information website
Jan. 2016 Odigo partnership with Kantana Japan Corporation for Channel 3 Thailand’s Wezaa Cool Japan program
Feb. 2016 Limited release of ”Ri you bao” iPhone App Chinese-language version
Dec. 2016 Merged English and Chinese versions of the Odigo website and changed domain to Introduction of online Japan travel community.
May. 2017 Launched new planner with booking suggestion functions, and brand Odigo as the one stop shop for Japan travel. Changed company name to Redhorse Global Co. Ltd
Aug. 2017 NO.2-7414 TRAVEL AGENCY LICENSE registered by Governor of Tokyo